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Acupuctura One

First notes on acupuncture:

    When the wonderfully effective practice of acupuncture becomes common in the United States, healthcare may become more affordable. We may pay less for health-care. Anesthesiologists would probably lose much of their work. We would get better health-care.

    MDs, surgeons, and anesthesiologists form a group not interested in supporting acupuncture for fear of loss of income. Anesthesiologists might have a good reason for that fear.

    What is your experience with acupuncture in your country?

    The huge amount of drugs American doctors prescribe would probably lessen. One reason for this is that acupuncture is great for reducing pain and eliminated it without disturbing and unhealthy side-effects. Fewer prescriptions would mean less profit for drug manufacturers and a savings for many of us. Drug manufacturers, much like insurance companies, have log been active in politics. Those drug manufacturers have formed and used powerful lobbying organizations in Washington. Drug companies contribute huge sums of money to selected kinds of medical research. 

    Drug manufactures are unlikely to support a health system founded on a broad base of health expertise rather than narrowly based on the use of drugs.

     So, a large pare of the medical establishment is organized to resist the use of acupuncture. Acupuncture is better for health than it is for business.

    For the individual, acupuncture could mean significantly lower medical costs and better health. What can an individual do about acupuncture and better healthcare? Not much! However, individuals can do all that is necessary. Please note the "s" I have used as the last letter in the word "individuals." Individuals know about cooperation and can act together to form powerful organizations.



Colombia and Colombians: First comments

   Working from the Pocket Guide of Colombian hostels I find that the Casa Platypus is a good place to sleep in Bogota. Bogota is a great big city and the capital of Colombia. The Casa Platypus is a hostel. A hostel is a kind of hotel designed for foreign travelers. It is a place to get useful information and to have a good chance for finding someone who speaks a language you know. The personnel there are often welcoming persons fro far off lands. This has been the case the Platypus. Their colonial, or republican style building overlooks a plaza called Parque de las Periodistas.

    "Periodistas" can be translated as journalists. I find journalists to be an interesting breed which has not quite died out. "Died out" may not quite be the way to put it. World-wide, journalists seem to be killed before they can die a natural death. Assassinated may be the more honest word.

    Journalists are being assassinated world-wide for doing their best to be honest. They would like to tell us the truth about what they see going on around them. They used to find out about goings on, happenings, and doings far and wide, as well as close to home.

    Some journalists still try to inform us about that which is going on. They have long carried on their craft. However we have been killing them, jailing them, imprisoning them, and hiring fewer of them(as a percentage of our population) for decades. So now we have fewer of them. I remember being told, as a Boy Scout,  that honest was a good practice. Now, because of our lack of interest, it is becoming a death sentence. What are we to tell our youth and children?

    Rather than not getting the back-story, we now, too often, don't even get the story. What are we to tell ourselves?

    It seems that I have heard of a Parque de las Periodistas in other Colombian cities. I may try to learn more about them. Do you know anyone who cares?

    It seems this park in the Cadelaria section of Bogota has bee dedicated to a good, honest, and careful journalist who you may know as a famous modern novelist. That novelist is Gasbriel Garcia Marquez. He is an admierer of those who pracice journalism abd has backed-up his admiration with solid support.

    One cannot even go to be in Colombia without learning something interesting.



by Richard Sheehan

for Mago Bill III

Mago Bill

I post a lot about Mago Bill. The following may help you to know why.

Mago Bill is a nickname I have given my paternal great grandfather. I have used the name Mago Bill for recent Blogs and in not so recent posts. I have done that because I believe that it inspires me to present you with more unusual and interesting backstories and histories in a variety of posts.

My sister, the genealogist of our family, introduced me to the existence of documentation of the life of M.William Sheehan. His existence had been unknown to us. We had not known his name or that he had been our paternal great grandfather. As I remember, my sister showed me that, he had been in the far south of Ireland and that he had immigrated to America when very young. We soon discovered that the initial, "M." In his name probably stood for Mago, a name not popular in the U.S. To me he promptly became Mago Bill, my inspiration.

Spanish speaking friends tell me that mago means magician in Spanish. Some of those friends tell me that "the three kings" or "the three wise men" who brought gifts to the infant Jesus were called magos. However, I have read that Mago was an important family name among the Carthaginian Phoenicians before Rome came of age and that later some of that family knew Hannibal.

Carthaginian traders and navigators came to Ireland to trade for tin and other precious metals. The brought so much knowledge of of the name Mago with them that it impress some of the people there. Seems inspiring to me. I tend to romanticize a bit.

About me. I am an old U.S. citizen living in Colombia.

You may expect future posts here to be short "essays" to deal with: citizenship, the USA, Ireland, Colombia, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Spain, Mago Bill and a lot more that I like to call culture