We Wanted a Republican Government
Snake War

We Have Had A Lot of Them

We, citizens of the USA have had no wars from 1935 to1940, and 1897 was another year free of major war. I can find no other year that the US was not fought a war since 1776. (2020-1776=244) In our union of 244 years only six of those years- have been free of war! Recently we are warring more than ever. Someone must like it.

From 1899 to 1934 we had mostly just Banana Wars. Some people of our tiny neighboring countries of Central America my object to my word "just" here. We stepped on their labor movement hard. Those "Banana Wars" were among the most traumatic happenings in the entire history of those people until very recent actions in those little Central America Republics. They find it difficult to laugh about what we have called our Good Neighbor Policy.

When taking a closer look a historic happenings near the US it looks like we have hated the people of Haiti the most for the longest time. That we have invaded Mexico 13 times since 1875 makes it look like we love Mexicans in comparison to our treatment of the people of Haiti.

I have not posted much about our wars (aggression) on Mago Bill III, because look at the record makes me feel bad. However, now intend to write more about the doings in our name which sicken me in hopes that it may help to stop those doings.

You may add Your information or thoughts about what "we" have been doing for so long in the comment section below this post. A nice window may be found for your comments by clicking on the tiny word "comments" there. Sometimes it has said "no comments" or "comments 0."

There are doings that may peek ones interest even about doings whioch our killing one another. For example: There is part of our Civil War which took place in Gibraltar. How did that happen? and what part did Mysore play in that same war; why Sweden was our ally in the First Barbary War; and about the German Coast Uprising in our Teritory of Orleans; and why the US has invaded Canada; and like that.

I do intend to write some more about our wars.