Hanuman in Trinidad

Trinidad is a large island about seven miles from Venezuela and near the mouth of the great Orinoco River.

The people of Trinidad are from Black Africa, East India, and everywhere else.

You can learn to bathe in glass there. You can also get a biodegradable coffin made of hallucinogenic nutmeg on this interesting island.

The food is varied. The curried goat satisfying.

There is an 85 foot tall red statue of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman on the island. It's the tallest one out side of India.

The main ridge Forest Reserve is the oldest protected forest in the western hemisphere. The 14 thousand acres of forest were declared a reserve in 1776 while the island was under British rule.

Pitch Lake, a 100 acre La Brea Tar Pit like place, has been mined to pave roadways around the world.

There is a beach where you can better your love life, do sand exfoliation, and listen to Syrian music.

Tobago is is the smaller of the two caribean islands which make up the nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

Tobago has fine, sandy beaches.

The capital of Tobago is the village of Scarborough.

You can kayak through the mangrove swamps of Tobago.

If you are getting the idea that Tobago is the more touristy of the two big islands of this island nation, you are on the right track. I like Trinidad better.

Port of Spain is the big city of the nation and it is on Trinidad.

In Trinidad and Tobago you may begin to feel you are in the real Caribbean and you would be right It is not all of the Caribbean, bit it is a lot of it.

On the two islands there is magic. Some say that, that magic is from Africa and India. I say it comes down the great Orinoco.

Some say there are too many birds on these islands. Many say that you can get wet and dirty there. It does pay to be careful.