Try it where you live.

It is useful to remember that civility is an important part of effective civics and politics.


We can benefit by learning:

  • more of civility.
  • some collaborative leadership.
  • about consensus building.
  • a deeper level of tolerance. 
  • about sources of conflict.
  • people who are fundamentally different from one another can develop sensitivities that will enable them to get along.


We are at our civic best when we:

  • are listening
  • are working in partnership with others.
  • lead by example.
  • have the courage to be appropriately humble.  


We can learn to educate ourselves, find out what others have to say, plan, and organize.

We have a lot to learn. My old aunt said, that, by beginning, we are halfway there. After that one keeps on keeping on.



by Richard Sheehan                                                                                                      for Mago Bill