There Are Still Some democrats

In the distant past, there were democrats. In the recent past, there were democtats. There are still some democrats. A democrat might be thought of as a person believes in the people's ability to learn and to do. I know little about what those who call themselves democrats now are doing.  I do have a sharp emory of that which democrats have done in my lifetime. 

I hope you understand that I am not using "democrat" to refer to a member of a political party, but rather as one who holds a certain philosophical position. A Republican may be a democrat.

Democrats have tended to promote certain doings. Many of those doings tended to be definitive of their beliefs.

Democrats have promoted:

enhancement and protection of democracy among us.

the study of legislation affecting democracy.

vigorous ongoing education about the use and doing of democracy.

  • improved communication among political organizations and within them.
  • development of widespread leadership rather than of super-leaders.
  • enhanced education for participation in governance.
  • cooperative self-governance.
  • willingness to thoughtfully and promptly change a bad law for the better.
  • strong respect for law.
  • inclusivity and diversity in public life.
  • cooperation within and among groups.
  • knowledge of the history of democracy including its limitations and advantages.
  • respect for the varieties of democracy around the world.
  • our Constitution and its Bill of Rights.
  • loving care for each and every child.
  • respect and honor for the individual, the family, and the neighborhood.
  • more nearly equal opportunity for access to healthcare for each person. 
  • strong support for public health.
  • respect and support for the positions of minorities.
  • wide, ongoing educational opportunities for all. 


This list can be greatly increased.

However, there is already enough here to suggest planks for the platform of a present political party or candidate; or, for a new party or candidate.


by Richard Sheehan

for Mago Bill 





New Political Organization

Many in the US and elsewhere are considering brand new political organizations.

They want organizations capable of working with large numbers of active citizens effectively. They want to do that which effectively furthers their aims right now. We might analyze those aims into organizational aims and platform aims, but here I will just offer the first draft of a "to do" list. The items on our list might be helpful to any organization, but I offer them as an aid to a new political organization.

To do now:

  • Restate clarified (party) goals and aims.
  • Arrange to have each member to help in achieving those aims.
  • Arrange to take care of all business promptly.
  • Arrange for the ongoing education of all embers.
  • Make each member an educator.
  • Keep in mind that teaching on another is important. Outside help is seldom as good as that which we do for ourselves. As we teach, so we learn.
  • Demonstrate abundant and appropriate trust for each member.  
  • The fewer secrets the better and "no secrets" is the best policy.
  • Be inclusive. Help anyone and everyone who wants to be a member, to be a member.
  • Let each member know that he or she is important to building and maintaining the organization, its philosophy, and its dongs.
  • Lay out clear steps for important and doable goals and plans of your organization.
  • A goal must not only be important and doable, but also a truly attractive, challenging, big deal.
  • Set out two or three goals/doings to be worked on today. You will want an organization wherein there are happenings right now.
  • Every member needs a job they can do right now.
  • Make clarifying the "grand vision" of your organization an ongoing activity. (Learning and teaching participatory, democratic, self-governance would be an attractive "grand vision" for me.)  
  • Aim to govern yourselves by practicing self-governance. Begin with teach-ins.


May you find that my early hints lead you to thoughts of your own organizational plans and actions. I wish you active citizenship.



by Richard Shehan  

for Mago Bill