Have you ever "Felt your oats?" At a horse race I have heard it said of a winner, "That horse really felt it's oats."

    Most people in northwest Europe, Iceland, and the Ethiopian highlands have probably felt their oats: oats were felt in those locals from very early times. That is,, they grew there at least as early as the Early Bronze Age. Some upper-class Scot and English youth wished to never see another oat.

    Today great growers of oats include: Canada, Poland, Finland, Russia, Australia, the US, and Spain. Russia has grown about 4000 metric tons of that grain a year. The US has grown about 900 metric tons of this fine grain.

    Students of the oat call it Avena Sativa. Its kingdom is unranked. It is also an unranked angiosperm. Is there a mystery here? Its an unranked mono cut and and unranked commelinid! The order of Avena Sativa is Poales. Its family is Poaceae Granineae, Its geneus is oats ad its species Avena Sativa. The wild ancestor of oats and of the closely related minor crop Avena byzantina, is the hexaploid wild oat, Avena sterilis. Ancestral forms of Avena Sterillis probably grew in the Fertile Crescent of the Near East.

    Oats are healthy vigorous growers and are particularly rain tolerant grain. They are a common animal feed. I have often eaten them for breakfast. They have long been used to make beer. Some use them to Soften their bathwater others as a cure for osteoporosis.