A Social Organization Dream

What you can find here is a group of attributes I have found congenial for meetings of some organizations and groups. Perhaps I should have included "meetings" in the title. But then, most organizations do seem to have a lot of meetings.

I have attended meetings at conventions and at my den mother's home, I have attended business meetings and 12 Step meetings, educational meetings and political meetings, city council meetings and lots of meetings. 

I imagine that you have attended your share of meetings; some of which you have found more congenial than others. I have found it so.

Below are a couple of lists of meeting attributes I have found congenial.

A congenial meeting is one which likely has:

  1. the purpose of advocating and protecting me. 
  2. members who value honesty and justice highly.
  3. a mission I find valuable and pleasing.
  4. those who study and promote actions good for me and others.     
  5. dialogue which leads to appropriate actions.
  6. enough competent members.
  7. plenty of talk in which all participate.     
  8. members who feel, connected, involved, and respected.
  9. members who embrace reality and are willing to approach truth.
  10. members who promote widespread participation and responsibility.
  11. enough of those who have a clear understanding of costs and benefits.
  12. the motive of helping me and others.                                                                                            


And more; a kind of meeting which attracts me is one which:  

  1. keeps me in the informational loop.
  2. most members feel well connected with leadership.
  3. makes very clear who pays how much and who gets what.
  4. moves in the direction of democracy.
  5. tends to be inclusive.
  6. tends to safeguard that which I value.
  7. includes those who study and promote actions good for me and others.
  8. advocates and protects people and processes important to me.
  9. promotes effective dialogue.
  10. leads to appropriate actions.  


12+10 = 22  attributes

What meeting has these attributes? Probably there is no meeting that has half of them. One which has five of them may be worth looking into. You might try including six in your own meeting.  


If I found a political meeting with ten of them I might try to become a member. 



What attributes might attract you to a meeting or organization? I hope there is a space below for comments. I invite you to use it. Ah, what have you hated about a meeting? Comment. I think that it is possible to comment anonymously.


  I may post more on organization an organizations.



by Richard Sheehan

for Mago Bill