Mago Bill

I post a lot about Mago Bill. The following may help you to know why.

Mago Bill is a nickname I have given my paternal great grandfather. I have used the name Mago Bill for recent Blogs and in not so recent posts. I have done that because I believe that it inspires me to present you with more unusual and interesting backstories and histories in a variety of posts.

My sister, the genealogist of our family, introduced me to the existence of documentation of the life of M.William Sheehan. His existence had been unknown to us. We had not known his name or that he had been our paternal great grandfather. As I remember, my sister showed me that, he had been in the far south of Ireland and that he had immigrated to America when very young. We soon discovered that the initial, "M." In his name probably stood for Mago, a name not popular in the U.S. To me he promptly became Mago Bill, my inspiration.

Spanish speaking friends tell me that mago means magician in Spanish. Some of those friends tell me that "the three kings" or "the three wise men" who brought gifts to the infant Jesus were called magos. However, I have read that Mago was an important family name among the Carthaginian Phoenicians before Rome came of age and that later some of that family knew Hannibal.

Carthaginian traders and navigators came to Ireland to trade for tin and other precious metals. The brought so much knowledge of of the name Mago with them that it impress some of the people there. Seems inspiring to me. I tend to romanticize a bit.

About me. I am an old U.S. citizen living in Colombia.

You may expect future posts here to be short "essays" to deal with: citizenship, the USA, Ireland, Colombia, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Spain, Mago Bill and a lot more that I like to call culture


Megalithic Blarney?

There are hits of sophisticated megalithic workings close around Ireland's Blarney Castle! Right on the castle grounds, there are traces of large stone workings in a solid yellow(golden) sandstone like stone . The famousBlarney Stone shows signs of being made of the same hard yellow/gold sandstone.

The last time I was there, there were still stone "steps", seemingly cut into bedrock "sandstone" and disappearing down into the earth around the castle.

I have not yet found anyone who can tell about this ancient stonework. Work much older than old Blarney castle.  

We have much to learn about a Stone Age which was grander and more sophisticated than the Stone Age many of us were taught about.


by Richard Sheehan

for Mago Bill


James Hoban knew the White House Well

He was born in Ireland in 1758 and died in Washington, DC in 1831.

He did important architectural work in the Mid Atlantic and Southern states.  

He was the designer and architect of the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Mr. Hoban also supervised the restoration of the White House after it was destroyed in the War of 1812. 


by Richard Sheehan

for Mago  Bill