A Teacher's Activity May Seem Esoteric

A teacher arranges data, facts, information, and knowledge for students, as an aid for them to do the same for themselves and for others.

A teacher helps his students to use logic, definitions, and analysis.

A good teacher's words are like tiny seeds which may be held in many different hands and are pregnant with meaning. A simple utterance such as "The beginning is half of the whole." may confuse a mathematician for a moment, but may serve him well in the most difficult of times. A teacher's words may be dangerous, but a good teacher offers them as tiny, easily controlled sparks which may come to make the smith's fire look small.

To be a truly good learner or disciple is to b heard by the teacher. The teacher is a reacher. She wants to extend herself to the learner. A good teacher wants to be prompt to hear and to listen effectively, but first the disciple must speak. Disciple and master desire to better retain and preserve in memory that which is heard. All interpret.

A good student dismisses nothing which is taught until its rudiments are entirely mastered. It may seem like trying to swallow the configuration whole at first, but tried it may be liked. Try making a framework of the whole yours. Then, as life goes on you may have a useful place to attach, some say hang, new information and understandings of a similar nature.  

A student's activities may too seem esoteric.