War is worth a Thought

    We may be justified in making war to protect our children, but war is often not a just or effective way of doing so. Warring is seldom a good way to take care of loved ones. It seems good to think well before deciding to maim and kill. It seems wrong to maim and kill without first deciding to do so.

    War causes strife. It makes life worse and confuses people. It increases quarrel and contention in the world. Modern war is must often a state of armed conflict for the purpose of killing people and destroying their resources. We kill and maim people and that makes those who live angry and vengeful.

    With war we damage a peoples union and culture. We destroy puppies and kittens in unpleasant ways. We call it collateral damage. We destroy books, schools, and children. We destroy ponds and baby ducks. We destroy farms, and  farmers daughters. We cause men to kill women. We order our very young men to kill other men's loved ones. Making war makes enemies and madness.

    War is made on people by people. Who is responsible for those wars?

    Raising the hell of war is different than, "Going out to raise a little hell?" It is hell.

    Let's think about our present wars and potential future wars of ours. We can decide to take an action.



by Richard Sheehan

for Mago Bill