From Taoist Writers of Around About 1700

I find something attractive about a philosopher who laughs with me. I have enjoyed the humor of certain Chinese Taoists. I find much of their writing witty and accessible. Much is also wise and usable.

Their use of a phrase like the following has moved my thinking and perceiving in useful ways:

  • Accept the reality of the available freedom.
  • Easy does it.
  • Attend to your energy reserve.
  • No regrets.
  • Set your burden down and enjoy the water. 
  • The door is not locked.
  • Peacefully rejoice in reality.
  • Know the joyful security wandering where there is no path.
  • Enjoy your wit and romantic adventures.
  • Is it really so?
  • Great knowledge and long life.
  • How do you know that it is so?
  • Be little moved by praise and blame
  • Discriminate.
  • Be clear about the nature of honor and disgrace.
  • Small self, little vanity.
  • Know the rule without ruling.
  • Know you
  • Be willing to know the quality of your perception.
  • Let go of the clutter and the trivia.
  • Nothing is useless.
  • All is useful.
  • As you smell the roses, hear the music.
  • Nothing depends on your point of view.
  • As you speak, be aware of how little you know.
  • Your opinion is changing at this instant
  • Let them be.
  • How can we understand it all in one day?
  • Clarify your understanding today,
  • Embrace reality.
  • Day-dream and smile. 

I guess I need to learn some taoist jokes. I did not include much humor here. Still, you might be moved to smile or laugh as you contemplate one of the phrases. 



by Richard Sheehan

for Mago Bill