Taoist Quotes

I find something attractive about a philosopher who laughs with me. You may too. You may also enjoy some of the later Taoist writers. Much of their writing is witty and accessible. Much is wise and useful.

Here are the English translations of a few of their sayings:

+ Accept the reality of the available freedom.

+ Easy does it.

+ Attend to your energy reserve.

+ No regrets.

+ Set your burden down and enjoy the water.

+ The door is not locked.

+ Peacefully rejoice in reality.

+ Know the joyful security of wandering where there is no path.

+Enjoy your wit and romantic adventures.

+ Is it really so.

+ Great knowledge and long life.

+ Be little moved by praise and blame.

+ Discriminate.

+ Be clear about the the nature of honor and discrace.

+ Small self, little vanity.

+ Know the rule without ruling.

+ know you.

+ Be willing to know the quality of your perception.

+ Let go of the clutter and the trivia.

+Nothing is useless.

+ All is useful.

+ As you smell the roses , hear the music.

+ As you speak, be aware of how little you know.

+ Nothing depends on your point of view.

+ Your opinion is changing this instant.

+ Let them be.

+ How can we understand it all in one day.

+ Clarify your understanding today.

+ Embrace reality.


What do they all mean. Seems that's up to us now. Try reading them again. One might serve you well today.



by Richard Sheehan

for Mago Bill